The Cisco Wireless Mesh Networking Solution

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The Cisco Wireless Mesh Networking Solution for Local Government

The Cisco Wireless Mesh Networking Solution plays an important role in enabling local governments and transportation agencies to enhance public safety and increase operational efficiency and service delivery.

Local governments share common challenges: to maintain a safe environment for their citizens, increase service effectiveness, improve educational excellence, and drive economic development.
By adopting new business processes and
the technologies that make them possible, local governments are improving citizen safety, increasing the quality of their services, fostering educational excellence, and creating a business friendly environment.

To reach their goals, local government and transportation agencies face multiple operational challenges that are brought on from budget and staffing constraints, the desire to improve services to citizens, the mandate to improve collaboration and communication within and among agencies and
the continuing need to enhance public safety.

For example, first responders typically operate independently but are now mandated to communicate and share information with other government agencies. Improved collaboration and communication between agencies such as police and fire ensure the best possible outcome to emergency situations.
To fulfill this mandate, many agencies are opting to upgrade legacy systems such as Cellular Digital Packet Data (CDPD) and 800-MHz wireless technology with next-generation wireless networking equipment and applications. Legacy systems purchased years ago have low-bandwidth that prevents integration with newer, advanced applications such as video surveillance, traffic management control and other IP-based applications. In addition, the legacy network lacks frequencies, limiting the channel capacity for transmitting additional data.